Just Cause 3

Thor’s Hammer Found In Just Cause 3


Just Cause 2 had a hidden easter egg referencing Lost, and now Just Cause 3 contains a hidden reference to The Avengers. In one of JC3’s mountain craters, you should be able to find a giant, ancient hammer, the type of which only a god or godlike superhero should be able to wield….

And no, Marvel can’t sue, because they certainly don’t own Thor or his hammer. Those were two IPs that were created centuries ago in Norse mythology, and are public domain. Mjolnir was used as an artifact in a Tomb Raider game before the first Thor movie ever came out. They could, however, sue if this game was using anything about Thor that Marvel came up with on their own, for example, Thor being the only one capable of lifting Mjolnir.

Actually, you can’t lift the Mjolnir in the game, so….go right ahead, Disney.

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