Some Things You Can Do With The Green Screen in GTA V: Number One, Make Fun of Kanye West


Machinima makers have realized for a while now that the movie theater screen in GTA V’s movie theater can serve as a makeshift green screen.

This video from Sonny Evans takes the technique to the next level. It’s a remake of Kanye West’s Bound 2 music video, a surprisingly faithful and funny one.

By positioning characters and vehicles in front of the green screen can record your GTA characters movements and then edit in a new background with image editing software. Evans said on Reddit that he found the perfect place in the theater to shoot against the green screen, and might put out a making of video revealing his technique.

We also showed you a glimpse of it recently with the GTA V remake of The Sopranos intro. Your character can’t smoke and drive in GTA, so the video makers shot the ersatz Tony Soprano in front of the theater screen and edited in a moving background later.

If people are doing these things now with the limitations of the console version, the mind reels to consider what they’ll produce with the upcoming PC versions full set of video editing tools.



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