There’s a Watch Dogs Mod For GTA IV


Okay, so at first blush this seems a little bit redundant, but I think the video below might sell you on the benefits of bringing Aiden Pearce’s hacking powers to Liberty City.

Oh yeah, mass destruction at your fingertips. As a bonus you don’t have to deal with Aiden’s crappy personality. Yay!

The #WatchDogIV Mod brings the fun things about Watch Dogs, like the ability to hack cameras and traffic lights and stop police cars by manipulating the environment, to a new setting. You can also blow up payphones, which is a sobering reminder of just how old GTA IV is.

The mod also gives you Aiden’s signature run and animations, although you have to download a separate skin if you want to look like him. You can get the mod here and the skin here.

[Source: PC Gamer]

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