The Stig Never Looked Cuter Than in Top Gear: Race The Stig


Top Gear: Race the Stig

There’s a cute new endless racer out today for fans of Top Gear, Top Gear: Race the Stig. Are there people who like both Top Gear and cuteness? I guess we’ll find out.

The new game lets players drive familiar Top Gear vehicles through Top Gear locations, picking up golden nuts, all while the Stig doesn’t his best to block and mess you up. It sounds like it follows the familiar endless runner formula from games like Temple Run slavishly, but the Top Gear humor, trappings, and varied vehicles may make it worth your while.

You can pick the game up for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone on your device, or here. Price is free, but some content can be unlocked by in-app purchases.

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