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The Ride 3 Social Media Contest


Developer Milestone wants to get the word out about Ride 3, their upcoming motorcycle racing game. They could do it themselves, but why not outsource the job to you guys? If you’re reluctant, maybe a little bribe will entice you?

That’s the thought behind the Ride 3 Social Media contest. Anyone can enter using their own Instagram account. Step 1 is to follow the Ride 3 account on the same site….Step 2 is to comment on Milestone’s posts with a sentence that “summarize(s) what living the motorcycle really means to you” (I think they mean “say why you like bikes that go vroom”)….Step 3 is to then tag a friend (or a stranger, they won’t know the difference). And you’re entered!

The grand prize winner will get what they posted immortalized in the Ride 3 credits. That may not be enough, so how about this: a trip to the Ducati Museum and Ducati Factory in Italy. Nice!

Ride 3 will contain 230 bikes divided into seven categories, 30 tracks (12 brand new ones), and over 500 collectible and customizable bike parts. Plus, according to Milestone, these things:

  • Extreme realism reached thanks to the introduction of Unreal Engine 4, used for the first time in a RIDE title, which ensures a great visual rendering as well as detailed particle and lighting effects and a photorealistic level of the environments. Moreover, with the new graphic engine Milestone‚Äôs team has been able to include night modes for the first time in a ride title. Last but not least, the Drone Scanning System has been used to reproduce all tracks down to the smallest detail;
  • A completely revised career mode based on volumes, a unique experience that tells the story of a specific bike category, manufacturers or iconic tracks;
  • Improved AI, a new physics simulation and a revised collision system.

Ride 3 will be out for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC November 8.

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