The Return Of The Semi Without Fear


YouTube’s BlackSmokeBilly is known for his videos of insane car stunts performed in GTA V, usually with the game’s more unwieldy vehicles such as the semi. He returned this week with a new video and it’s a whopper of a doozy of a humdinger.

In the footage above, BlackSmokeBilly detatches the semi’s trailer and then blows it into the atmosphere with some highly explosive C4. Still driving the trailer, he manages to catch the flipping semi back onto it. In subsequent scenes he does it again, flipping the trailer above overpasses, but always catching it afterward.

Note that he had to use the “nuke” mod in order to obtain C4 in the game powerful enough to initiate a flip like this. An invincibility mod was also used to keep the trailer from being completely destroyed by the C4, and the weight of the trailer was changed to 10 grams. He did have some help with this stunt, but nothing that affected the trajectory directly. The physics engine was untouched; the flip was all Billy.

Want more? Here are the same flip stunts filmed from different angles….

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