The Original Forza Motorsport Is Now XBox One X Enhanced


Got an XBox One X? Then you can now have a graphically enhanced version of the original Forza Motorsport. But why is owning the original game required?

Microsoft released a list today of four XBox 360 games, already backwards compatible with XBox One, that will display enhanced graphical features when run on the X. In addition to the original Forza, the other three are Crackdown, Fable Anniversary and The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings.

Here’s the thing about Forza, though: Microsoft stopped selling it in 2016, removing it and all its DLC from the Microsoft Store completely. So if you don’t own that game yet, how can you play the XBox One X enhancements? …You can’t. They just enhanced a game that newcomers can’t experience.

In order to play Forza on XBox One X you’ll need to have already purchased the game previously when it was for sale. If you have, you’ll be allowed to re-download the game on the newer console, as well as all its DLC. At the least, you need to have a disc to insert.

To toggle the enhanced graphics, go to a new item in the Settings menu called “XBox One X Settings.” There will be two graphics options there: “Graphics” and “Performance.” The former adds features such as higher-quality anti-aliasing, increased texture detail and 4K resolution. The latter includes none of those things but increases the framerate.


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