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The Next Need For Speed Will Be Revealed Thursday


It’s been a while since a Need For Speed game landed on store shelves — at least, in terms of Need for Speed games. 2014 was the first year in a long time that did not see a release tied to the series. Publisher EA implied that with the transition to next-gen hardware, they needed a bit more time to work on development.

But they did say their next release would probably be in 2015, and so it has come to pass. EA announced today on their Need for Speed Facebook page that the next title in the Need for Speed series will be revealed very soon — in fact, later this week. We won’t even have to wait for E3.

They teased it with this image:


Um….okay. A black screen? What good is that? ….But ah, those sneaky guys really did put a picture there. It’s only when you enhance it in Photoshop that it’s revealed:


Looks more like an illustration than a screenshot, though that could just be the filter’s work. The new Need for Speed is being put together by developer Ghost Games in Sweden. When Thursday rolls around, we’ll let you know what they came up with.

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