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The Many Features Of Overpass


What’s in Overpass, the upcoming offroad racer from publisher Bigben Interactive and developer Zordix? Does a new video have the answers?

The Zordix dev team provides commentary in a new gameplay trailer, shown below, for Overpass. Your main goal is to maneuver your ATV through bumpy terrain as quickly as possible. According to Zordix, it’s a good idea to practice with each track ahead of time and familiarize yourself with its hazards before tackling it in a serious race. Getting through speedily is not about keeping the gas on the floor; smart players know when to ease up and avoid getting stuck or worse.

Each track has a different and unique level of challenge — mud, rocks and artificial obstacles will get in your way and attempt to impede your progress through their irritating existence. But learn the best routes and dodges, and you may reach the top of the leaderboard.

In this off-road simulation, challenge yourself on extreme tracks at the controls of buggies and quads from major manufacturers. In a variety of local and online game modes, master the terrain physics, overcome obstacles and cope with damage to your vehicle to triumph in this demanding off-road challenge.

Overpass will be released on February 27 for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC. Drive carefully.

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