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The Crew Provides Nearly 6200 Miles of Road For Racing


Ubisoft’s MMORPG racer will give you the entire U.S. as your racing playground. Obviously, it’s not a to-scale version, but it’s big. How big? According to Will Musson of Ubisoft Reflections, which is helping developer Ivory Tower create the world:

“The Crew has, by far, the biggest game world the studio has worked on – about 5000km squared. That’s over 3100 square miles with over 10,000km of road (about 6200 miles). It’s a technical challenge as well as a design challenge to produce something on this scale, and both issues have to be solved in tandem. Although it’s easy to be wowed by the sheer size of the environment, it might take longer to appreciate how much content we’ve filled it with,” Musson said.

Add to that that the crew is meant to be a seamless experience with no loading screens, a persistent online world in which you can interact with other players, and you’ve got a tall order for developers.

“It is difficult. You have to build the whole game around the intent to deliver a seamless, diverse, multiplayer environment at this scale. But the rewards for doing so are remarkable. Driving from one city to the next, Detroit to Chicago let’s say, really feels like a road-trip. But taking a more epic trip like Miami to Vegas or scrambling off-road in the Rocky Mountains, or the Louisiana Bayou, it’s something you’ve never really experienced in a game before,” Musson said.

The Crew’s PC Beta launches starts July 23, so sign up here to try it for yourself.

[Source: Develop-Online]

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