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The Crew Plans More Camera Options and Movie-Maker Feature



According to recent article in EDGE Magazine, via Videogamer, new camera features and the ability for users to create gameplay movies is planned for Ubisoft and Ivory Tower’s MMO Racer.

Ivory Tower Design Director Stephane Beley told the magazine that extra camera features didn’t make it in the game because of development deadlines, but they are planned for the future.

“We have a camera better suited for exploration in the pipeline, but it’s something we’ll update in the future. I had to decide to cut it for launch due to time constraints; development was a long run, and the baby really needed to go!

“This is really just the start, and we’ll keep updating the community with, for example, an exploration camera and the ability to create movies and things like that.”

Beley also said that The Crew’s world is big enough as it is, and there’s no real plans to add to it by releasing Canadian and Mexican locations as DLC.

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