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The Crew Beta Impressions


GameSpot took the Crew’s PC beta for a spin, and beyond a strong sense of “Yep, that’s a Ubisoft game!” the impressions were a bit mixed.

Gamespot’s Kevin Vanord said he found The Crew a bit unfocused in its current state, with a ridiculous storyline that fails to tie everything together.

The “loot-chasing” for car upgrades is “compelling,” he said, but at least in Vanord’s experience interaction with other drivers sounds a little less deep than the MMORPG on wheel’s Ubisoft has been promising us for months. He goes as far as to say he wouldn’t call the crew a massively multiplayer game, although there are other drivers to interact with and help you on missions.

Players should also probably manage expectations about the vastness of the game’s open USA. Vanord said it only takes about 10 minutes to drive from Chicago to New York. And he was concerned about the car physics, which he said feel inconsistent.

But, there’s still time to fix these things with “a few major tuneups” before its November release, he said.

That’s just one opinion, though. You can watch how things play out yourself with this video, which shows a Detroit to Miami road trip.

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