Take-Two Wishy-Washy On GTA V’s Story Mode


Back in the days of last gen, Grand Theft Auto IV had two story expansions, The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, that could be downloaded as DLC and later purchased as separate discs. Before that, we had DLC-like spinoffs with their own separate releases, like Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. So, um…..shouldn’t we have heard about some story expansion plans for GTA V by now?

During the Take-Two earnings report, an analyst asked CEO Strauss Zelnick if there was any story mode add-on content in the works for GTA V. Zelnick’s response was “No, we haven’t discussed any story-based downloadable content. We did talk about the Heists and they’ve been released.” This was curious because a press release from 2014 specifically mentioned story mode DLC as one of the expansions that would eventually be made.

Take-Two themselves took to correcting Zelnick today. “Strauss misspoke during today’s call, as over a year ago Rockstar Games had said that they were exploring story mode content for Grand Theft Auto V; however, no further information has been released since. As always, we leave it to Rockstar Games to share information about their games when they’re ready.”

Either they’re working on something, or they’re not. Most likely they are. Given how long it takes to make one mainline title in the GTA series, it would be wise to come out with something to bridge the gap and keep the most recent title alive. We may hear of something at E3.

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