Surprisingly, Song About Greed Fits Well With GTA


This hilarious machinima asks the question, “Do you want to make lots of money?” If you’re playing GTA Online, probably.

Vader2k and TK7554 took the Pet Shop Boys 1985 hit “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” and plopped it down in Los Santos. It was a perfect fit. It’s no coincidence that he was easily able to recreate dozens of scenes of avarice and conspicuous consumption. Other than all the murderin,’ that’s kind of the game. As the song says, “If you’ve got the inclination, I’ve got the crime.”

Favorite part? The transformation from broken down homeboys into suit-wearing rich guys, perfectly copied from every movie ever where there’s a “put on suits to gain class” scene. Least favorite part? Holy hell, it’s 2014 Vader, make your videos widescreen.

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