Suiddenly, XBox 360 Red Dead Redemption Is The Hottest Used Game Around


You really should have had the foresight to see this one coming. Immediately after Microsoft announced Red Dead Redemption would become fully compatible with XBox One consoles, all used copies of the game suddenly became much more valuable. reports that RDR’s Game of the Year Edition has shot up to #26 on the sales charts for all video games sold on the e-marketplace. Compare this to last week, when it ranked as #1,544. The original version isn’t doing too badly either, rising to #60 from a previous position of #690.

Its Amazon price is now $35.99. You might want to check with your local Gamestop (or independent video game store, preferably) in case they haven’t heard about this yet. There may still be some cheap deals out there.

And all this before the game even becomes functional. We have another two days before Red Dead Redemption is playable on XBox One; the official start date is July 8.

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