The Sopranos Intro Re-Created in Grand Theft Auto V


Here’s a very creative reenactment of the opening credits of The Sopranos, remade in Grand Theft Auto V. If there’s any game that’s appropriate to do this in, it’s a GTA game.

I’d have to say the digital actor here is a little bit less expressive than James Gandolfini, and not nearly fat enough, but the quick cut scenes out the car window, the music, the feelĀ are very nice and close, although Los Santos is a lot sunnier than New Jersey.

Getting the intro right took a bit of digital trickery for 8-BIT BASTARD. You can’t smoke in a moving car in GTA the way Tony Soprano does in the opening credits, so they had to use a green screen and put it in later. They also had to use a cigarette, which is a little less gritty than Tony’s cigar.

Here’s the original intro for comparison:

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