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Sony Changes Direction on Driveclub Upgrade That Angered Fans


Sony’s plans for the PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub was met with nearly universal resistance, and it looks like the company has done a 180 on its controversial upgrade scheme.

As originally announced, Sony was going to offer players a chance to upgrade the limited PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub to the full version for $50. That’s $10 cheaper than buying the full version outright but there’s a big catch, you only got to keep the content while your PlayStation Plus subscription was active.

Gamers howled, and now Sony has updated the original announcement with this reversal.

Our priority for DRIVECLUB is to enable you to play and enjoy everything it has to offer and PlayStation  recognises that the prior plan for DRIVECLUB entitlement for the upgrade to the PS Plus edition was not appropriate. As a result, we have adjusted the PlayStation Plus terms for DRIVECLUB.

Now, If you intend on downloading DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition, and upgrading to the full game experience, you will have access to the full game even if your PlayStation Plus subscription runs out.

It’s a good move. Driveclub is one of the most exciting racing games coming this year, and it would be a shame to see it overshadowed by bad business decisions.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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