Some GTA V PC Users Having Framerate Issues After Latest Update


Users of Grand Theft Auto V on the PC who downloaded the second “Ill-Gotten Gains” update last week may have gained something they hadn’t hoped for. Some players are reporting that ever since the update, their copy of GTA V has been suffering framerate slowdowns — in some cases crawling down to 3 frames a second.

What’s the deal? The creators of the popular GTA V mod “LCPD First Response” believe they have a theory. They posted on their Facebook page that they believe the slowdown is an anti-modding tactic. Their evidence? Most people who’ve been experiencing the slowdown are running mods (though some people who aren’t running any are also experiencing it).

It seems like we went through this already a few months ago, when a few mods quit working after a different update. Rockstar actually responded that time, and said publicly they have no issue with mods in GTA V PC. They said the incompatibility was an unintended side effect, and I would guess that is also the case this time.

Rockstar has these updates tested in their debug rooms, but only the unmodded versions, since it’s impossible to test every single mod out there (and why would you, they’re not Rockstar content). When these updates are applied to an altered copy of the game, it’s entering unproven territory. Meaning? You may experience glitches if you update a game you’ve modded, but it doesn’t mean the parent company hates you. It means the code has changed, and the person you really need to contact to fix the issue is the mod’s author.

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