World of Speed

The Social Focus of World of Speed


World of Speed, a new upcoming racing MMO for PC from Slightly Mad Studios, is about more than coming in first. Players are encouraged to join clubs and to put the good of the club ahead of strictly personal glory.

As Slightly Mad Studios explained to Ten Ton Hammer.

“The ultimate vision is for friends to be able to form a club and take on other clubs in healthy, team-based competition. By providing a pool of objectives in the game that focus on goals other than ‘getting into first place’ we hope this will breed ‘specialisations’ within those teammates.”

“For example, by playing the game we hope players can find objectives that they either love to achieve or are particularly natural at completing. In turn, this motivates players to drive the cars that compliment those objectives and kit them out with performance and visual gear to further enhance team-based success in events. So a strong club, just like a strong clan, would be one that has a roster of teammates that cover all objectives and have the right tools and cars for specific jobs. So for those that find leading the pack either too daunting or beyond their skill level, there’s a great potential in a ‘support’ role where they can block the opposition or a ‘lone wolf’ role where they can go after other objectives such as drifting or finding shortcuts,” the studio said.

Slightly Mad made clear, however, that this focus on clubs won’t extend to human avatars that can walk around the game’s clubhouses, although that concept was discussed.


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