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Slightly Mad Studios Wants To Make Project Cars 2


Project Cars has only been on the market for a month and a half, but developer Slightly Mad Studios is already itching to make another. They’ve announced Project Cars 2, and will once again be crowdfunding part of the development money.

Fans seem to be split on the decision; many are bemoaning the fact that Slightly Mad still hasn’t fixed a lot of the bugs that plague the original game. In response the studio pointed out they aren’t abandoning Project Cars 1, and pointed to a steady stream of free content updates that are ahead.

If the studio is successful, they envision to make a game even bigger than the first Project Cars, with features that had to be cut from the original due to time and budget constraints — such as a co-op career mode.

Project Cars is one of the few crowdfunded games to not utilize Kickstarter, or even Indiegogo. Instead the cash was raised through Slightly Mad’s own development platform, “World of Mass Development.” They will be utilizing this platform a second time for the sequel.

If the studio can acquire the money, fans may be in for a long wait if the development time of the original is any indication. Project Cars was announced in October of 2011. It was originally planned for a 2013 release, but numerous delays pushed the game into 2015.

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