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See Rocket League’s Hoops Mode In Action


We previously reported here that Psyonix would begin seriously experimenting with Rocket League’s format in order to keep it fresh. This meant expanding the gameplay from car soccer to car basketball, but a lot of people had trouble envisioning such a thing. If the cars have no arms, how do they fake the funk on a nasty dunk?

Psyonix released a new video today that shows how Hoops Mode — what the new arena is called now — works. It’s embedded below:

As you can see, they solved the issue by making the hoop (or hoop area, as it were) really really big. On the same day that Rocket League Hoops comes out, a downloadable flag pack will be available, containing the logos of all 30 NBA teams, so you can represent your hometown team as you play online.

The best thing about Rocket League Hoops is that you won’t have to pay for it; it comes as part of a free update to the game on April 26. The update goes live for all versions simultaneously — Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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