Saints Row 4 Added To XBox One Compatibility List


Microsoft has been expanding the XBox One’s list of backwards compatible games at a rapid pace lately, adding several games each week. This week they’ve added Saints Row 4, originally released in 2013. SR4 follows the additions of Dead Space, Left 4 Dead 2 and Halo Wars, this week alone.

The Saint’s Row series (and especially #4) is perhaps the most over-the-top example of open-world sandbox gaming in existence, going beyond the satirical approach of GTA to outright power fantasy, allowing anything and everything.

As of two weeks ago, you can now play the backwards-compatible XBox 360 games without a disc (the stipluation being you need to buy the digital version instead). So if you don’t have Saint’s Row 4, or you sold the disc a long time ago, it’s easily fixable.

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