Rockstar Reveals New Exclusive Content for Current Gen GTA V Ports


So, other than prettier visuals, why should you upgrade your old Grand Theft Auto V for the new versions coming soon to PS4, Xbox One and PC? Rockstar released a number of reasons today.

The new content adds weapons, vehicles, new modes and more. It will include:

• New events throughout the world with new rewards like the Dodo and Imponte Duke O’Death. The Duke O’Death is a nearly indestructible, unstoppable car, but if you can figure out how to stop its rampage its yours.

• New weapons including the rail gun and the hatchet.

• New vehicles including the Chevell Marshall Monster Truck and a faster, easier to drive blimp. Lots of GTA vehicles from earlier games are being added as well.

• Stock car races.

• New wildlife photography challenges for Franklin that unlock a Kraken Sub submarine when completed.

• A new murder mystery challenge for Michael that unlocks noir-style filters when finished.

• Monkey Mosaics, a photography challenges that tasks you with shooting monkey graffiti in the city. Rewards include monkey costumes and a Go Go Monkey Blista.

Since it’s meant to encourage upgrading, this new content is not coming to the earlier versions of GTA V, sorry. More details here.

GTA V is coming to PS4 and Xbox One Nov. 18 and PC Jan. 27.





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