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Rocket League Rockets Past 5 Million Copies


Rocket League has reached another sales milestone: developer Psyonix announced this week that the game has sold a total of over five million copies. It’s not even a year old yet (though at ten months, it’ll get there).

In total Psyonix has earned $100 million from Rocket League-related sales….this cumulative number equals over twice as much as they reported they’d earned in the first six months, so sales have actually sped up over the year. It also has twice as many online players as it previously did six months ago, partially due to its launch on XBox which added five million more players to the community. “Our numbers are actually going up, not down,” says Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham, “which is not very common for a game that’s ten months old.”

And the game continues to generate revenue even after it’s bought; five million pieces of downloadable content have been purchased so far. It’s no surprise Psyonix wants to keep this train running as long as it has steam. Several updates are coming to Rocket League over the next few months, some of them free.

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