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Rocket League Cross-Platform Play Now Possible On XBox One


We’re not quite at the point where Rocket League users of all platforms can openly mingle freely, but we’re getting there. Today the latest update to the XBox One version of Rocket League enabled the ability to cross-platform play against users playing on the PC.

The upgrade should be live at this moment, having gone into effect as of 3 PM Pacific/6 PM Eastern. If you turn on your XBox One and head to Rocket League’s options menu, you should find a toggle to enable or disable matchmaking with cross-platform competitors. Currently, “cross-platform” just means PC. The Playstation 4 version of Rocket League has been able to cross-platform match with PC users for a while now, but it can’t communicate with Xbox One players either.

Crossing that last hurdle will require communication directly between Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft has made statements indicating they’d be willing to make it happen, but Sony has yet to respond. if the miracle happens, we’ll let you know….

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