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Rocket League Adds Rare Items, Trading System


Back in the old days, kids used to buy cheap packages of cards and trade the duplicates with their friends. …Actually, they still do that. But now there’s a digital version as well, as many games are adapting the time-tested mechanic for their own use. Many MMOs, co-ops and other online titles now offer ultra-rare items that players can trade with one another. Rocket League now joins the list with their latest update.

Up to this point two kinds of items were dropped in Rocket League: Common and Uncommon. Now Rare and Ultra-Rare items will be possible (just not as often). Want a rare item? Just trade in five Uncommon items and it’s yours. Actual player-to-player trading is also planned, but the mechanics aren’t finished yet. Psyonix is advising players not to rush into trading with the game just yet, because they have no idea which items will become valuable trade items.

The trade game officially begins later this month with Rocket League’s next update.

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