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Rocket Labs Lets Players Try Out New Rocket League Arenas


The upcoming February update to Psyonix’s Rocket League will include a new playlist called Rocket Labs, Gamespot reported today. Rocket Labs will be unique among the game’s offerings in that it’s a list of arenas that haven’t been completed yet.

They’re in a playable state. The mechanics have been completed, but the artwork hasn’t: Psyonix says that the areas will sport a “virtual reality aesthetic” of temporary crude textures. The arenas that players like the most will be sent to the art department and finished, and then added to the permanent lineup.

Beta levels available at launch will include Utopia Retro, which is based on an earlier game from Psyonix entitled “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars”, Underpass, an arena with varied elevations, and Double Goal, which is what it says on the tin: each team will have two open goals to shoot for instead of one. As for how often new beta maps will show up in Rocket Labs, Psyonix says it’ll be whenever they’re completed, which means randomly at any time.

The February update to Rocket League will also add Wasteland to competitive playlists and makes several part temporary attractions permanent: the Snow Day mutator preset, the Puck ball type, and the Winter Stadium map — you’ll now be able to use these things during the blazing summer months.

Video footage of Rocket Labs in action can be viewed at Gamespot.

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