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Road Z: The Last Drive Coming To Steam


Most driving games we cover on this site tend to run along a specific type of experience, but how about something completely different? How about a racer with a storyline, levels, and a whole lot of carnage?

That’s what Blue Moose Games is bringing to the genre with Road Z: The Last Drive. You’ve got a car, and miles of open road to trek through. It’s also the zombie apocalypse, and you’re humanity’s last hope, so you kinda don’t have a choice. You’re toting the cure to Washington DC, and thousands of zombies will get in your way. What can you do? Floor it and bash ’em. You will actually be given points for hitting each zombie that will allow you to upgrade your vehicle.

And with those upgrades come special tools like machine gun turrets, tough armor to bash larger enemies, and even a flamethrower. Every now and then you’ll get the chance to climb out of your car and loot the surrounding area for other stuff.

In Road Z : The Last Drive you drive your way through hordes of zombies in an action, driving and upgrade game genres. In a world surrounded by zombies. Doctor Lactus puts in your possession a vaccine that can save the world, you must cross the United States by car to bring this vaccine to the laboratory in Washington.

Road Z: The Last Drive will be released August 21, 2020. You can wishlist the game on Steam here.

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