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Ride 2 Hands-On Preview


Though Ride 2 is currently out for you to purchase, one might be hesitant to try it out, especially if they aren’t big into racing games, or played the original Ride title. Thus, the need to see hands-on previews might be what tips the scale one way or another.

But don’t take our word for it, take the word of Stephen Ritz from CogConnected.com, who did a preview himself. Here are some of the highlights of what he said. Including how Ride 2 gives you the true feeling of being on a motorcycle:

“The second the clock counts down, you start to get a sense for the handling and weight of the bike. Larger and powerful bikes will rip off the line quickly, but can quickly tip over without proper handling; smaller bikes can easily maneuver around corners but have a hard time keeping up with the pack.”

As well as how the levels and locales are beautifully detailed, and yet are made for racing:

“Track selection for Ride 2 offers not only famous circuits, but famous locales that offer an invigorating race experience. Not all of the landmark racing locations are a one-to-one replica since the actual stretches of road they’re inspired by aren’t the most exciting for racing; however, the scenery and landscape are spot on. You could easily scratch your racing and travel itch simultaneously.”

And his verdict?

“Ride 2 offers are an incredibly customizable racing experience for motorcycle racing fans, from die-hard enthusiasts to casual hobbyists. With plans of continuing support in the form of both paid and free updates, there will be no shortage of bike combinations to keep fans busy”

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