Remedies For Possible GTA V PC Errors


It is now April 14th, and you know what that means. Yes, it means this is the day you have to hurriedly mash together some tax information and hurl it at the IRS at the last second, but it also means Grand Theft Auto V’s PC version is now available for purchase.

Some people have reported difficulty with GTA V under certain circumstances. Read on so you don’t find yourself falling victim to any of these:

Username Problems If your username contains any special characters — meaning anything outside of the alphabet or numeric system — and you’re using Windows, a bug will be activated that will result in errors popping up. Rockstar is working on a fix for this.

Windows Media Player If you deleted Windows Media Player from your PC awhile ago, go get it back from the Microsoft website before you boot this game up. If it can’t use WMP, it won’t run.

Rockstar Social Club If you can’t get into the Social Club, something weird happened during installation and you’ll need to download the fix from here.

Old Data You can transfer data from the PS3 and XBox 360 versions of GTA Online, but if you haven’t used that service on either of those consoles since December 2013, you may not get your saved cars back. To fix the potential problem, go turn on your old console, log in to GTA Online, and then log out. If you got rid of your PS3 or 360…..well, why? A lot of games can only be played on those systems; you call yourself a collector?

Oh yeah….and if you livestream GTA V, whatever you do, don’t have your stream going while the game is still installing. Turns out your registry code pops up onscreen at the end and several popular Let’s Players have had their accounts stolen already. (Wah-waaaah)

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