Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online Will Add Free Roam Mode Soon


How will Red Dead Online expand? How will it grow in big ways?

While Red Dead Online is still in its beta, many are looking at it like a finished product. And as such, they’re asking for more from it. And in a post on their website, Rockstar Games revealed that an upcoming patch will bring a lot to the mode. Including being able to explore the world more.

With each passing week we continue to add more to theĀ Red Dead Online Beta, and the next four weeks will bring new Showdown Modes and Racing Modes, as well as a new Free Roam Event that launched earlier today. Alongside incorporating player feedback and addressing existing issues, the beta period has allowed us to lay the groundwork for the more advanced aspects of Red Dead Online still to come. Our experience of building other online worlds has helped us create a more evolved foundation for the open spaces of Red Dead Online, but the world of Red Dead Online will evolve in its own unique direction – one in which players have greater freedom to customize their play style uniquely over time, allowing them to sink into the world and their character and feel more connected to the experience of living as cowboys, outlaws and gunslingers in the wilds of 19th century America.

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