Red Dead Online Offering New Bonuses


What’s the latest bonuses in Red Dead Online? How long do they last?

Red Dead Online has made known some of the new changes in terms of bonuses. From now until August 19th, if you play the game you will receive bonus rewards for participating in Land of Opportunities missions, discounts on Ability Card upgrades, and more.

  • Earn 30% Extra RDO$ and XP in:
    All “A Land of Opportunities” Missions
  • New outfits include:
    Owanjila Hat (Limited Stock)
    Concho Pants (Limited Stock)
    Clymene Coat (Female Only, Limited Stock)
    Charro Jacket (Male Only, Limited Stock)
  • All Rank 31+ Vests will be available to Rank 30 players for a limited time.
  • All Rank 11+ Vests will be available to Rank 10 players for a limited time.

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