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Real-Time Coast to Coast Drive With The Crew


We’ve seen a coast to coast video of The Crew before, in a Ubisoft trailer, but that was sped up for effect. Thanks to the ongoing PC beta, this is what it actually looks like to drive across the country for LA to Miami in the open-world racing game.

It takes Birds AT about 40 minutes to make the trip. That was without taking the time to get a high level car first, so there’s a bit of spinning.

Okay, 40 minutes is a damn sight less than this drive would actually take. But would you really want it to be realistic?┬áImagine those incredibly boring hours and hours of Texas highway, and you’ll start to come around to the idea that Ubisoft’s compression of the good parts is a good thing.

The Crew will be out Nov. 11 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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