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Psyonix Preparing New Rocket League Patch


Developer Psyonix announced some of the changed and fixes that are forthcoming in the next Rocket League patch. Titled Patch 1.05, the details were revealed in a series of tweets from the official Rocket League Twitter account.

One of the current bugaboos about Rocket League is that to seek out another match, you’ve gotta navigate back to the main screen. Patch 1.05 will fix it so that new matches can be started straight from the post-game match screen. You’ll also gain a new music player that will let you rotate through Rocket League’s soundtrack at will (but it won’t give you the freedom to change the songs during gameplay).

Glitches have been repaired so that saves are less likely to be corrupted, and so PC players will no longer occasionally see the names of PS4 players as a string of asterisks (it was a bug, not a scheme from Sony). One more thing: the cars are getting optional little flags and hats straight from a different game, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, but that’s strictly promotional.

In addition to the patch, Psyonix also announced they’re working on some new DLC for Rocket League, which will include new vehicles (and I’m assuming more, but nothing else has been confirmed yet). A date for Patch 1.05 was not set, but we anticipate it to be soon.

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