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Project Cars To Be Expanded


Project Cars once impressed people with its sheer volume of cars, until Forza Mororsport 6 stomped onto the scene carrying more than 500 models and a crazy number of tracks. There’s only one response….Project Cars must expand!

Slightly Mad Studios has announced three new DLC packs for Project Cars, to be released in the coming months. They did not give specific dates for each, but you can expect the first one to come “soon,” they said. It will be a track expansion. The second DLC will be a car expansion of “special fan-requested” vehicles that will appear in October. After that you can expect a second track expansion to hit in November. We can deduce from this that DLC #1 will arrive in mere days, since October is already earmarked for DLC #2.

SMS didn’t post specifics about what kind of cars and tracks they were, just that they were coming. It’s also unknown if they’ll be charging for this DLC or not. It won’t take long for us to find out. Project Cars is currently purchasable on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC, but probably never Wii U. Maybe NX.

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