Project Cars Developer Announces Red Bull Air Race World Championship


You know developer Slightly Mad Studios for Project Cars. You also might know them for the Project Cars 2 they want to make and are trying to raise money for as we speak. But here’s something you might not know: there’s a third game, and it doesn’t have the word “project” or “cars” anywhere in its title.

It’s still a racer, though the vehicles might look a bit different. It’s called Red Bull Air Race World Championship, named after the energy-drink-sponsored competitive racing plane event. The new game will recreate this event, and release exclusively on PC.

Jens Ott, managing director of Wing Racers Sports Games, unveiled the new trailer for Red Bull Air Race with these words: “We have been working stealthily for many months on this action-packed title – and we can’t wait to show everybody the first scenes of the game. Stay tuned: over the next weeks and months we are going to share many more details and features of Red Bull Air Race – The Game.”

Besides the trailer, no other details have been released.

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