Project Cars Developer Accused Of Anti-AMD Bias


There are two major kinds of graphics cards these days: those manufactured by Nvidia and those manufactured by AMD. Recently, some angry guy on Reddit let loose with a major post accusing Slightly Mad Studios, developers of the new racer Project Cars, of intentionally programming the game so that it would run better on Nvidia cards. Here’s a snip of his rant:

Nvidia drivers are less CPU reliant. In the new DX12 testing, it was revealed that they also have less lanes to converse with the CPU. Without trying to sound like I’m taking sides in some Nvidia vs AMD war, it seems less advanced. Microsoft had to make 3 levels of DX12 compliance to accommodate Nvidia. Nvidia is DX12 Tier 2 compliant and AMD is DX12 Tier 3. You can make their own assumptions based on this.

To be exact under DX12, Project Cars AMD performance increases by a minimum of 20% and peaks at +50% performance. The game is a true DX11 title. But just running under DX12 with it’s less reliance on the CPU allows for massive performance gains. The problem is that Win 10 / DX12 don’t launch until July 2015 according to the AMD CEO leak. Consumers need that performance like 3 days ago!

The post attracted enough attention that Slightly Mad had to retaliate with their own equally lengthy and technical statement, challenging all of his points.

– NVidia are not “sponsors” of the project. The company has not received, and would not expect, financial assistance from third party hardware companies.
– The Madness engine runs PhysX at only 50Hz and not at 600Hz as mentioned in several articles
– The Madness engine uses PhysX for collision detection and dynamic objects, which is a small part of the overall physics systems

It goes on like this. Follow the links to both posts if you’re technical enough to understand them, and decide for yourself who is right.

If anyone is having a problem running Project Cars, Slightly Mad says, it is probably a driver issue. Project Cars was released May 8 for PC, XBox One and Playstation 4.

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