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Project CARS Competes With Real Life in Comparison Video


Here’s a video showing a lap in Slightly Mad Studio’s upcoming crowdfunded racer Project CARS up against that same lap in real life. Surprisingly, the game looks pretty good by comparison.

The lap is at Silverstone Circuit in the UK. On the left we have a real driver, and on the right Project CARS at high settings closely matching the action.

It’s not hard to tell the difference. For one thing, schmutz on the lens of the real world driver’s camera gives it away. The real world vehicle also shows a lot more vibration, and the driver is frantic in their steering while the video driver seems almost lackadaisical.

But as a recreation of a real world activity and place, it’s still impressive, with the track and driving experience seemingly spot on.

Project CARS will be out March 17 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s also coming to the Wii U and SteamOS some time in 2015.

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