Pocket Racers Get KickStarted


Pocket Racing 2.0 is not yet an official racing game – right now it is merely a gleam in a KickStarter’s eye – but the game takes a car similar to your Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars and puts them on a computerized track via tablet. All you will need is the special car that comes with the game and a tablet, of course.

The special Pocket Racing 2.0 cars have a set of color-changing LEDs and three pistons that can hop up and down with varying intensities while a light sensor underneath the car detects visual signals from the Pocket Racing 2.0 game when the cars are placed on a tablet’s screen. The car responds to the action on the screen with responses including bouncing, flashing lights and even – in the event of a crash – the car body being ejected into the air.

Pocket Racing 2.0 is launching via a $50,000 Kickstarter campaign. The app will be free on iOS and Android, but without the Pocket Racing 2.0 cars which come with a pre-ordered pledge of $38. [Pocket Racing 2.0’s Kickstarter video below]

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