Player Trolls Like a Pro in GTA Online


In GTA Online’s passive mode on Xbox 360 and PS3, a player can’t kill anyone. They can’t be shot. They can’t even get in a car, as it’s intended as a spectator/exploration mode. But as this video shows, they can still find ways to mess with other players that are just as satisfying.

For Techno Wolf, that’s putting on the stupidest outfit possible and making gestures at people until they try to kill you. Since he’s passive, Techno Wolf can’t be shot, but there’s a loophole where he can be ran over, so a player tries to deal with his annoyances vehicularly. Technowolf is just nimble enough to sidestep their efforts, driving them to try even harder.

As for not being able to shoot anyone, well, there’s a way around that. Stick around to the end to see the solution.

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