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Play Any Online Racing Game Free On PS4 This Weekend


Feel like playing some games, but lack a currently running Playstation Plus subscription? It’s on the house starting Friday, because Sony just revealed it plans to discount the price to take the PS4 online to zero.

This weekend only, you will not need a Playstation Plus account to go online in ANY game the console plays. This includes Need For Speed, Driveclub, Rocket League, or any car-related title plus Call of Duty, GTA Online or any title with a popular online mode. Why the sudden generosity? It’s because the Playstation is the exclusive carrier of Street Fighter V, which was just released, and the free giveaway is an act of promotion, meant to encourage people to play SFV.

If you miss this event, don’t despair: it’s not the first time online services have been offered for free on PS4 and it most likely won’t be the last. The previous free weekend was merely two months ago back in December, to promote Destiny and Star Wars Battlefront.

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