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PC Version of The Crew Set at 30 FPS (Update)


UPDATE: Ubisoft has released a new statement that says it’s “aiming at” at a 60 FPS framerate for the final PC release.

“The reason you could alter the FPS in the config file [in beta] is because our team is actually working on getting 60FPS for PC,” states Ubisoft community manager Natchai Stappers as reported by PC Gamer. “The reason why it hasn’t been communicated before this is because we didn’t want to make a promise we couldn’t deliver on.

“We are aiming at a 60 FPS on PC for the launch of the game and the actual Beta doesn’t represent the final game.”

And so the no becomes a “maybe.”

Original story follows:

For fans of high framerates it was disappointing, but expected, that The Crew would only eke out a locked 30 frames per second on consoles. After all, other high profile console racing games like Driveclub have the same limitation.

But console gamers don’t have the option to buy high-powered, supercooled rigs if they please. Shouldn’t a higher framerate be available in The Crew, at least as an easy to access option?

It looks like Ubisoft’s official position is no. According to a post on the official forum for The Crew’s PC beta, The Crew will remain  at 30 FPS on all platforms, even PC. You can edit the PC files to get a higher framerate if you want, but you risk worse performance.

“The final game will run in 1080p with 30 frames per second on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and will support up to 5760*1080p on PC for triple screen set-ups. Right now the team is focusing on providing an optimal experience for all players. You can unlock it in the file you’ve found, but it may affect the game’s performances. Your call,” wrote Ubi-Valentin, an Ubisoft community manager, when asked about the issue on the forum.

Considering how thoroughly PC gamers cracked open Watch Dogs to squeeze more graphical juice out of it, however, I think a lot of people are going to be willing to take the risk. Expect a mod to make improvements to the game shortly after release.

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