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PAX East: Ubisoft Shows off The Crew


Ubisoft is allowing journalists to have some hands-on time with its open-world MMO racer The Crew at this year’s PAX East in Boston. IGN’s Marty Sliva tried it out, and came away impressed.

“Well, after spending two hours driving from Detroit to Miami with a quick layover in Manhattan, I can safely say that The Crew is just as stupidly huge as Ubisoft said it would be, and man if that doesn’t get me excited,” Sliva wrote.

Sliva said the game lives up to its promise of providing a whole United States to  play in, and although the cities are “truncated,” each one manages to retain the “flavor” of its real-life counterpart.

Sliva was also impressed by how much the gameplay was changed by the inclusion of other players.

“During my time with The Crew, I couldn’t shake this one thing that the game’s creative director Julian Gerighty said right before my demo. “This is an MMORPG that just so happens to feature cars.” While this statement could easily be disregarded as a clever marketing tagline, Gerighty is right on point with what The Crew is at its core. Leveling up your car through missions, updating it with new gear (aka, parts), and completely customizing its aesthetics feels like you’re carefully fleshing out the character sheet in a D&D game,” Sliva wrote.

You can watch a livestream of today’s PAX East here:

[Source: IGN]

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