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Patch On The Way For Just Cause 3’s PC Version


You might have heard there’s a strange framerate issue with the PC version of Just Cause 3. The number of frames stutters sometimes, while other times slowing down to levels not seen since the great Rare on N64 days — by that, I mean around ten frames a second.

Avalanche Studios’ global community manager, Petra Opelova, made a recent post on the game’s Steam page addressing the issue. “We’re looking into [the problems] and we’re fully committed to providing you the best possible experience.We know you’re going to want specific information on when a patch will land and what will be fixed–we would love to give you that information, and we will as soon as we have it. Right now, a little over one day since we launched, we have a huge number of players in our enormous game world and we’re monitoring all the data coming in. We need a little bit of time to recreate some of these issues and build fixes. Rest assured though–we are fully committed to making Just Cause 3 as awesome as possible.”

In short, it’s going to take a while to make sure they identify and fix the exact problem. The timetable for a patch release was not revealed, but its creation was confirmed to be in progress.

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