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OlliOlli Coming to Xbox One, 3DS and Wii U in March



Car, kart, bike, Roman chariot, whatever, if it has wheels, we’ll ride it, so we’re happy to see OlliOlli, the revelatory skateboard game from Roll7, coming to more platforms.

The port, by Curve Digital, will show up on the new platforms in mid-March. The game, already out on PC and PlayStation Platforms, has drawn praise for its sick skate or die focus on tricks and speed. It features simple controls but a difficulty level that can get pretty gnarly by the end.

“We’re really glad that Xbox and Nintendo players finally have a version of OlliOlli to call their own. We’ve always seen OlliOlli as a game for everyone and with Curve’s versions, now it totally can be,” Roll7’s Simon Bennett said in a press release announcing the new versions.

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