Now It’s Time Trials Week


Unfortunately, the all-too-short “In and Out” promotional event has ended, and with it the deals offered….but something new has arrived to take its place: Time Trials Week.

From May 6 through May 12, you’ll be able to earn double in-game cash and experience by completing time trials in free mode. Just stop by these locations depending on the day listed:

  • Friday, May 6: Vinewood Bowl
  • Saturday May 7: Down Chiliad
  • Sunday May 8: Mount Gordo
  • Monday May 9: Great Ocean Highway
  • Tuesday May 10: Sawmill
  • Wednesday May 11: Maze Bank Arena
  • Thursday May 12: End to End

To aid you in this task, five of the game’s fastest vehicles are on sale. The T20, Zentorno, Pegassi Osiris, Hakuchou, and Akuma are now currently 50% off their normal prices.

Other discounts this week: engines, brakes and suspension tweaks are 30% off, or if you want to use Lester, his services are free. There is also a racing playlist that rewards you with double RP. It’ll disappear after May 12, so if you want any of it, log on and race…

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