Drive Club

No Consumable Microtransactions in Driveclub


It seems like that every time a big studio announces a new racing game, they follow that announcement with an announcement about how they are going to squeeze more money out of it with a microtransactions scheme. But that won’t be the case with Driveclub.

Evolution Studios’ Paul Rustchynsky assured fans on Twitter that although Driveclub will offer additional content for purchase, it will be free of “consumable” miconstransactions, such as the ones offered in Trials Frontier.

Not mincing words, Rustchynsky called the consumables, which let the player pay to do things like skip timers, a “plague.”

Of course Rustchynsky’s comments led to a chorus of people asking about the Driveclub release date, to which he replied “Still coming in 2014, unfortunately I can’t share any more.”

[Source: Twitter]


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