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No Burnout HD Collection For You


Criterion Games, developers of the Burnout racing series, were recently asked by a fan on Twitter if there were any plans to repackage the past Burnout games and release them in a remastered collection, as is the current custom. It doesn’t look like it.

Gareth Long
@CriterionGames what about the Burnout Collection bundle for PS4/Xbox One rumour I just started right then?

@gatchers Hah! You’re not the first with that one. Nice idea but it’s still not true. We’ve moved on to newer, even better things!

Criterion was then asked about a rerelease just for Burnout Paradise, the last-gen title. The news was a little more positive, but only if you already own a 360 disc of the game.

Nope. No plans for anything like that, except getting Paradise running on XBox One through backwards compatibility

The question this opens up is, what’s the top-secret project Criterion is working on that is so important that they have no time for something as simple as remastering a bunch of old games? They’ve kept tight-lipped on that answer. Whether they’re working on another Burnout, or a different game entirely, no one knows.

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