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New Video Claims The Crew is ‘The World’s Greatest Playground’


Ubisoft has released a new promo video for The Crew that makes the bold claim that it will be “The World’s Greatest Playground.” That’s right there in the title. Can it live up to the hype?

Similar in style and tone to previous Ubisoft videos for Watch Dogs, this four minute video hits The Crew’s major hype points:

  • Twelve major cities
  • Diverse and distinct environments
  • A 1900 square-mile open-world map
  • If you can see it, you can drive there
  • Fast-travel without loading screens
  • Leveling and secret locations where you can scavenge parts for rare cars
  • Crews of up to 4 players for coop

It also lays out some of the mission types and skill challenges in the game.

Missions include: Go To, Collection, Getaway, Follow (a car), Takedown and Outrun. There are also races for up to 7 players.

Skill challenges include: Climb, Escape, Follow ( a racing line), Jump and Slalom.

This video is the first of a series and promises the next video will focus on social features in the game.

The Crew will be out Nov. 11 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PC.

A closed console beta is set for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions some time in late September. An exact date has not yet been finalized.

Ubisoft had already announced that PC players will get a second closed PC beta starting Aug. 25. You can sign up for both beta events here.

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