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New V-Rally 4 Trailer Shows Off Two Racing Modes


What are the five racing categories in V-Rally 4? Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn Racing Games show off two of them in their latest trailer: Rally and Hillclimb. Can you master them?

First off, in Rally, you’ll be taking the wheel of modern and historical cars as you race across authentic challenges from real racing rallies. Perhaps the true challenge will come from the fact that the scenery (and ground) will be constantly changing: one of the races will be on a flat desert, while another will take place in Africa.

Hillclimb is something else entirely: your goal is to ascend a mountain. You’re on a track obviously (it’s not THAT difficult) but the track runs along the edge of a perilous cliff, where one mistake can send you plummeting. The race cars you use here boast over 1,000 horsepower engines, and they’ll need every last theoretical horse.

There are three other racing categories in the game that don’t have trailers yet:

–       Extreme-Khana: you must master drifting and combine speed and precision in these trap-packed courses.
–       V-Rally Cross: confront 7 opponents who are hell-bent on making you bite the dust on dirt and asphalt tracks.
–       Buggy: your all-terrain vehicle promises to be a unique experience on these particularly rugged tracks.

V-Rally 4 will be available for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC this September. A Nintendo Switch version is coming at a later date.

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